Saturday, February 03, 2007

11.5 days to go...

So far I haven't obsessed too much. I did have very sore abdominal muscles and a very sore lower abdomen for 2 days after the IUI, but that seems to have gotten better today. Probably a lingering reaction to the hCG shot. I've been trying to rest a lot, which isn't very easy with an extremely active 2 year old, but I have spent a decent amount of time on the couch. I figure the easier I take it, the more likely an embryo will want to hang around! I'm a little concerned that my endometrial lining was smaller than usual, but the doctors didn't say anything about it so I guess it must be okay. Hopefully it has bulked up since the last ultrasound! Implantation, if it will occur, should take place anytime between this Monday and next Monday. I plan to spend plenty of time stroking my tummy and telling the little embryo to settle in and make itself comfortable!

On a different note....tomorrow is the Superbowl! I still haven't figured out how I'm going to keep my daughter happy while we take the tv over from her (I swear, she is so spoiled, she has her shows on all day!). But, we'll work something out because we have to root for our team! Should be a great game! GO DA BEARS!

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