Monday, February 26, 2007

Return of The Folliculator

Good news today..... 2 follicles good to go, 1 close. Left ovary had a 17.2, a 17.0, some 10's, a 9.2 and about 20 more under 10mm. Right ovary has a 13.something, and about 15 under 10mm. Normally we would wait until the lead follicle is 18mm or more before triggering, but we are triggering tonight so that we can avoid all those 10mm follicles hitting a growth spurt and causing the cycle to be canceled. So.... trigger shot in the re@r around 7pm tonight, IUI Wednesday morning around 6:30am. Then the long wait begins again! But I'm really excited this time! This is the kind of cycle I've been waiting for.... it has all the things I wanted - I didn't have to use provera, we used injectables for the whole cycle, I have 2 ready to go follicles and 1 almost there follicle that may or may not make it to ovulation. I've been convinced from the start that this is what I need to have a successful cycle. Let's hope I was right!

I'm off to take my kitty to the vet again in about 20 minutes. Hope we can figure out what's wrong with his leg!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention my awesome endometrial lining... 10.something mm, which is my best so far.
Also, it appears my kitty tore his ACL (muscle or tendon?) in his knee. Recovery can be up to 3 months and it can be a reoccuring injury. Goal is to keep him comfy and as inactive as possible for a cat. Yeah, like that's possible!

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MamaChristy said...

This is excellent news! I'm so glad you are feeling better and that there is positive news on your cycle this time. Hopefully it will work. If not, we are here for you!