Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The plan remains the same

Continue with 2 amps Gonal-F every night, come back Monday morning for labs and ultrasound. Estradiol was only 69.something which is really low so apparently I'm under-stimulating, meaning I'm not responding as hoped. But, rather than up the dose, since they continue to be so terrified of my polycystic ovaries, I am to continue on the same dose and come back Monday to see if there's been a change.

I'm thinking I will call and leave them a message asking if there is any way we can recheck on Friday and if I'm still under-responding we can up the dose, or if we can simply up the dose now and I can come in Saturday if they are going to be there and then if I'm over-responding we can go back down to 2 amps. I'm just worried because my hubby is going out of town March 9 so this IUI has to be done by then. I think I need to remind them of that.

Well, guess we'll see....

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