Friday, February 23, 2007

Talked to the doctor...

I don't think they know what they are doing. I talked to a different doctor (Dr L) than I saw either time this cycle (or ever before I think). This guy tells me that they won't really know how I'm responding to the current dose until my ultrasound on Monday. I questioned why the other doctor had me come in for bloodwork only this Wednesday then. He said sometimes they can get an idea from the bloodwork. So I said, yeah, well my E2 was really low and that's why I'm thinking we should increase the dose. He says that the low E2 level is definitely a concern, but that since Dr K had already increased my dose Wednesday we needed to wait until Monday. Um, NO, Dr K did NOT increase my dose Wednesday, he told me to stay on the same dose the Dr R had started me on Sunday. So Dr L says that Dr R knows a lot more about this sort of thing than he does so he's going to stick with the dose Dr R gave me.

I'm wondering why, if Dr R knows so much more than Dr L and probably even Dr K, why didn't anyone bother to consult him about my low E2 levels Wednesday? In any case, I am still taking the 2 amps every night and I will go on Monday and pray that there has been some good growth on my follicles. Hopefully I am just a slow responder and needed to get a couple more days of the current dose in before my body started working right. 2amps worked when we conceived my daughter, but the PCOS has worsened (and I've put on some weight) since then so maybe I'm more resistant. I am just going to pray to God that this dose works for me and that we can get our IUI done before my hubby goes out of town. I'd be happy with 2 mature follicles. Sometime before March 4. Please please please!

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