Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The List

Went to the doctor today because I am still miserable. Of course they ran through their list of symptoms asking me what I have..... headache, check; sore throat, check; runny nose, check; itchy watery eyes, check; fever, check; congestion, check; most annoying f-ing cough in the world, double freaking check.

This all started last Thursday with a sore throat and slight earache. If only it were so easy! Instead, the symptoms keep changing! Now, it's this darned cough that has made me lose my voice (yeah, I sound real sexy right now!), keeps me from playing with my daughter for fear of contaminating her, keeps me pretty much confined to the couch from exhaustion and need to restrict the germy areas, and has kept me from getting a decent bit of sleep for 3 days! I am so stinking tired and feel so crappy that all I want to do is crawl into bed and stay there. Even if I can't sleep, it feels so good to rest my voice - something you can't do with a 2 year old around all day. This sucks. And I have to admit that it ticks me off that with us stay-at-home mom's, we always have to just deal with it when we are sick. We still have to be awake and functioning all day long no matter how crappy we feel. There is no one else to take care of the children so we have to do it no matter what. At least if our hubby's get sick, they can stay home from work and rest, while we take care of the kids as we normally would. It's so hard to get better when you can't get the rest that is needed to kick a virus.

Okay, enough bitchin'. IUI was this morning and it went fine. Doc said unless I have a fever over 101 it shouldn't interfere with conception. I was too embarassed to ask whether or not my coughing will force the 'stuff' out or make the little embryo not want to stick around. So I guess we just keep our fingers crossed and hope! The 2 week wait begins again.....

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