Friday, February 23, 2007

Please pray for my kitty

My oldest cat, who we call Bubba-Sam, has been having some issues with his left leg. He had 2 tumors removed at different times in the past 6 months or so. Tuesday evening he started limping on that same leg. We took him to the vet Wednesday and after some expensive x-rays we were told it was probably arthritis or a possible fracture, but the x-rays needed to be reviewed by a specialist. Sam was put on an anti-inflammatory and we've just been waiting to hear back about the x-rays. Since Wednesday, his limping has gotten worse and he is having a lot of trouble with his jumping. Where he could normally jump on the bed with no problems, he now doesn't make it half the time. Even jumping on the couch is hard for him. I spoke with the doctor today and the specialist didn't see any bony problems on the x-ray so we don't know what is wrong. He should be getting better, not worse. I'm going in a few minutes to pick up a second anti-inflammatory/pain medication to try to bring him some relief.

Please pray for him. He truly is the greatest cat ever - he is 13 years old but still such a sweety. He actually enjoys being held like a baby and will let my 2 year old do just about anything to him (make her dolls sit on him like a horse, etc). He has the greatest personality and we all absolutely adore him. We're afraid that if he continues to decline, we will be forced to euthanize him. We don't want him to suffer, but we really don't want to lose him. My daughters little heart will break into pieces and she will not understand why Sam is gone. I still haven't figured out how to explain the hamster dying - I keep telling her she is hiding and sleeping. Please pray that Bubba makes a full recovery. He's really got us worried.

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