Sunday, February 25, 2007

Where did Saturday go?

I must've missed it. Oh, wait, maybe it passed while I was lying in bed miserable? Yeah, that certainly seems possible, considering I was delirious with fever, which peaked at 102.8 yesterday. Stayed over 101 the entire day. Should've known the day was shot when I woke up freezing so much I was shivering in the warm weather we're having here. After wrapping me up in 2 blankets and putting 2 more on top of those, my hubby took my temp and declared me very ill. He spent the entire day caring for me and our daughter, which is a difficult task in and of itself! It took several hours of frequently-renewed cold compresses and lots of rest to bring the fever down. I literally could barely move; even getting up to use the bathroom was scary because I was dizzy. By yesterday evening my fever was down to around 100 and I was feeling less on the brink of death. By early this afternoon (Sunday) I was feeling much better. A shower definitely helped, as did some food, and a much needed hug from my daughter (being very careful not to breathe on her!). Still not 100%, but definitely on my way. Thank God this illness happened on a weekend, because there's no way I could've cared for my daughter through this one, like I usually do.

Anyways, sum it all up to say that my hubby was wonderful this weekend. And, tomorrow is my ultrasound - hopefully there will be good news!

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