Sunday, February 18, 2007

The new plan + Why my RE's fear me

New plan is to inject 2 amps of Gonal-F for 3 nights, then go Wednesday morning for bloodwork. Based on those results, we will determine when my next ultrasound will be. I'm anticipating Friday.

Why my RE's fear me - at my baseline ultrasound today I had an estimated 25 ready-to-grow follicles on my left ovary and 12 on my right ovary. That basically means that it is possible, though not probable, that I could get 37+ mature follicles this cycle. Now, I think that would require some serious doses of the meds and would most likely put me in the hospital with OHSS, but if for some freakish reason we wanted to, we could get many many eggs. I'm probably an IVF (IVF generally aims for a high number of follicles/eggs) doctor's worst nightmare and greatest fantasy all-in-one!
The thing is, with IVF the eggs are removed and then a certain number of embryos are implanted. So you can produce 20 eggs and have only 3 fertilized embryos implanted if you wish. The remaining eggs can be frozen and used later as needed. Of course, IVF is a much more complicated and difficult process than IUI. I'm hoping we don't need to move to IVF.
With IUI, however many eggs there are, that's how many could be 'fertilized'. So generally if you have too many mature follicles, your cycle will be canceled. Or you could be converted to IVF, but we'd have to pay for that. Anyways, the docs are worried that I will produce too many follicles to safely do IUI. So we have to be really careful with doses and monitoring because I am high risk for multiples and for OHSS. And we'd definitely like to avoid both of those!

In summary, I am a super-follicle producer, or as my husband likes to say , I am "The Folliculator." And that is why my RE's fear me.

Obviously I will update when I have more info....


Cyndi said...

That IVF, where you can freeze eggs for a later time, that is what that lady I was telling you about did.
Keep me posted.

The Town Criers said...

Wheeeeeeeew--that's a lot of eggs. Good luck with this cycle. Hope that it isn't cancelled.