Saturday, February 10, 2007

My baby is growing up.

My baby girl is getting to be such a big girl. She has a huge independent streak and can carry on a better conversation than some adults I know. And now, she has a big girl bed. No more crib. We are hoping to be needing the crib by the end of the year so we talked about getting a toddler bed. And she needed a new dresser. So we went looking for dressers first, figuring we would just get her the Dor@ toddler bed from W@lm@rt. Pretty much everywhere we looked at dressers had bedroom sets.... and our little girl fell in love with the big girl beds. And we fell in love with one particular set. But, we didn't plan on spending that much money, so we kept looking. And looking. We couldn't find a nice, affordable dresser that wasn't in some sort of pattern that would be difficult to match down the road when she would outgrow the toddler bed.

So, we went through some figures in our head and decided that by getting a bedroom set now, instead of a toddler bed and dresser that we might have to replace because it won't match (I know, it doesn't have to, but it would really bother me if it didn't!), we would be saving ourselves about three hundred dollars. Because dressers are expensive. $250 was the average going rate.

So we shopped around for the set we liked, comparing prices, found the lowest, then went to a competitor and got them to beat it. And we were able to bring it all home with the van so we saved on delivery. If I do say so myself, we got a good deal. And our big girl is so excited and happy to have a big girl bed. So far she has spent 4 nights in it, and she has slept her normal 11-12 hours. And stayed in bed the whole time. Without a rail on the side, because we couldn't find one that would work without a box-spring. I am so proud of her!

And for those of you wondering how the testing or not-testing has gone.... Friday morning I got a negative hpt, so I know the hCG from the trigger shot is out of my system. Tomorrow is the soonest I think I could get a positive so I'll probably test tomorrow morning. And continue testing until I get a positive, or AF arrives. If I have any willpower in the morning, I will hold off from testing until Monday. But we all know I have no willpower so you can probably expect an update tomorrow. Let's pray for good news!

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Cyndi said...

Now that your baby is growing up, does this mean mine has to also?